ADHD and Autism

The ADHD and Autism research community is centered around researching aspects of neurodivergence including (but by no means limited to) the relationships between ADHD and Autism with things such as OCD, schizoid disorders, physical disabilities, different types of therapy, depression, anxiety, and gender identity. Interns are encouraged to personalize their research to suit their interests surrounding neurodivergence and will have the opportunity to present their findings at our weekly meetings as well as collaborate with other interns. We will also have opportunities to work with other communities such as the Clinical Psychology community and Disabilities Studies community. Working with 1Cademy allows interns to gain valuable research experience, explore various research topics, collaborate with others, and learn how to present their findings in a succinct, articulate manner.

Lee Pavelle
Lee Pavelle
Community leader

  • Strong interest in topics relating to ADHD and ASD
  • Willingness to contribute to group discussions and present your findings to others during team meetings
  • Able to commit to around 5-10 hours of work each week
  • Fluency in reading and writing in English (will have to summarize research articles)
  • Submit your most current resume and unofficial transcripts, indicating a GPA above 3.4/4.0
  • Explain in a few paragraphs why you apply to this specific community.
  • Complete our community-specific quiz by answering a set of questions about some research papers or book chapters and get a satisfying score.
By Joining Us, You Will ...
  • Gain valuable research experience such as paper summarization, topic organization, paper analysis, and making connections between disciplines/topics
  • Work towards publishing papers about ADHD and ASD
  • Be able to collaborate with others to review, summarize, and analyze existing research and examine future research topics
  • Work remotely with all task fulfillment, interactions, and communications (about 5-10 hours per week)
By Joining Us, You Will ...
  • Read and summarize textbook chapters and scientific journal articles
  • Make connections between different concepts and disciplines
  • Contribute concise summaries of information to the 1Cademy platform
  • Attend weekly online meetings
  • Contribute to meetings by presenting findings and participating in group discussions
  • All interactions, task fulfillment, and communications will be remote

Apply to Join this Community

Create an account and Schedule for our knowledge representation test.

One of the most important aspects of 1Cademy is its unique knowledge representation format. To become a researcher on 1Cademy, you should first engage in one of our ongoing research projects, as a participant. In the project, randomly chosen for you, we will test which type of knowledge representation format works better for your reading comprehension, short-term learning, and long-term learning. This will not only help us improve the design of 1Cademy, but along the way, you will get experience about how to use 1Cademy. For this purpose, you should create an account on our research website and specify your availabilities for three sessions with our UX researchers. In the first session, they will ask you to read two short passages and answer some questions about those passages. This will take an hour. The second and third sessions will be only for 30 minutes each and follow a similar format. Note that it is necessary to complete the second and third sessions, exactly three and seven days after the first session. So, please carefully specify your availability on our research website.

Complete our knowledge representation test.
Complete the community-specific application requirements.

Community Accomplishments
This community is new and brimming with potential! Join our interdisciplinary, transnational community of researchers who have been developing and adding empirical research to the large-scale and collaborative platform, 1Cademy, to gain research experience on what you want to research. The goal of the ADHD and Autism research community on 1Cademy is to deepen our understanding of ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the many related conditions that can accompany them while also strengthening research skills and preparing to enter the professional psychology field.