UX Research in Cognitive Psychology of Learning

We study the UX Research and Cognitive Psychology literature on learning and memorizing. Using 1Cademy, we break down articles into granular knowledge pieces, connect them within a larger context of research, communicate our findings to other community members, and utilize our knowledge to conduct research. We conduct online controlled experiments using our research pipeline and co-author research papers to submit to reputable journals and conferences.

Iman YeckehZaare
Iman YeckehZaare
Community leader

  • A strong academic background in topics related to education, learning science, cognitive psychology, memory science, statistics, or econometrics
  • Fluency in writing and reading in English
  • Submit your most current resume and unofficial transcripts, indicating a GPA above 3.4/4.0
  • Explain in a few paragraphs why you apply to this specific community.
  • Complete our community-specific quiz by answering a set of questions about some research papers or book chapters and get a satisfying score.
By Joining Us, You Will ...
  • Work remotely with an interdisciplinary community of talented students and researchers from different schools.
  • Gain experience using crucial skills in research including paper analysis, summarization, and making connections between disciplines.
  • Get involved in all aspects of conducting an online controlled experiment under the supervision of Iman YeckehZaare.
  • Learn about a mixed-method study including both qualitative and quantitative data, and analysis to prepare for future Ph.D. programs in related disciplines.
  • Work towards publishing research on cognitive psychology of learning and memory in reputable venues.
  • Have opportunities to take on leadership roles within the community.
By Joining Us, You Will ...
  • Dedicate 25 hours a week over the Summer to engage in all aspects of the research project.
  • Conduct several experiment sessions and guide participants through the session.
  • Thematically code the qualitative data collected throughout our experiments.
  • Engage in ideation, critical thinking, and peer-review of research proposed by other community members.
  • Regularly study textbooks and research papers, summarize them, and share the essence of what you learn with our large research team.
  • Present the essence of what you learn from the related papers and book chapters in weekly meetings for further discussion.
  • Co-author the final research paper to submit to reputable conferences/journals.

Apply to Join this Community

Create an account and Schedule for our knowledge representation test.

One of the most important aspects of 1Cademy is its unique knowledge representation format. To become a researcher on 1Cademy, you should first engage in one of our ongoing research projects, as a participant. In the project, randomly chosen for you, we will test which type of knowledge representation format works better for your reading comprehension, short-term learning, and long-term learning. This will not only help us improve the design of 1Cademy, but along the way, you will get experience about how to use 1Cademy. For this purpose, you should create an account on our research website and specify your availabilities for three sessions with our UX researchers. In the first session, they will ask you to read two short passages and answer some questions about those passages. This will take an hour. The second and third sessions will be only for 30 minutes each and follow a similar format. Note that it is necessary to complete the second and third sessions, exactly three and seven days after the first session. So, please carefully specify your availability on our research website.

Complete our knowledge representation test.
Complete the community-specific application requirements.

Community Accomplishments

We have recently published the following papers in ACM conferences: